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We enter our 44th year of breeding and showing Standard Poodles with vision and excitement. This year, we feature our newest show girl, Champion Summermist Heart of America, “Bristol”. As with all our Poodles, Bristol meets the standard set in our Statement of Purpose and has passed genetic screening tests.

It is with pleasure that we recognize the friendship and support of our family, fellow breeders, handlers, exhibitors, judges, clients, friends, and many, many, more. To be all that one can be takes dedication, but without the support of other people we could not have the success that we have today.


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Sheila & John Fowler

Our Statement of Purpose


Summermist Standard Poodles was founded in 1969 by Sheila and John Fowler in Los Angeles, California. They began as owner-handlers and have maintained that status to the present. Their breeding program is founded on the basis of producing sound, intelligent, typey Poodles raised in an environment conducive to developing the free-spirited excitement that only a Poodle can possess.

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